Massage Therapy FAQ's
We would like to help you gain the absolute most from all of your future Massage appointments, so we're sharing the Top 5 Frequently Asked Massage Questions:

1. Q. How early should I show up for my massage?
      A. We always recommend allowing yourself an extra
           10 minutes minimum to complete any necessary paperwork.
2. Q. How soon should I be able to get in for my massage?
      A. With the ever increasing demand for massage, we always suggest
           prepaying and pre-booking your massages months in advance. It's
           not uncommon to wait as much as 60 days for a first appointment . Your                            therapist will do his/her very best to accommodate your requests based upon                    dates selected. 
3. Q. What should I wear to my massage?
      A. The more you wear the more you have to remove, but wear
            something comfortable that will not stain. Therapist use a variety
            of massage oils and creams, so wear something that is easily
4. Q. Should I tip the Massage Therapist?
      A. Tipping for massage is more the norm than the exception, but let
            your conscious be your guide. Many therapists only receive a
            portion of the fee paid for a massage and like any other service
            related industry profession, tips are seen as a token of
            appreciation for the service provided.
5. Q. Should I express how the massage feels during the session?
      A. Everyone is unique, What feel's good to one person could be
           uncomfortable to another. So communicate, communicate,
           communicate. Your Massage Therapist is a professional. They are
           familiar with and expect clients to communicate about what and
           how they are feeling during the massage.

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